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St Moore's Synth Punk Extravaganza

a bee with a gray background cover of bumble bee by st moore
Bumble Bee
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Moonage Daydream
00:00 / 03:14
St moore reclines playing a spoon and alien behind her named Fran
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st moore in black hoodie playing air guitar with a cellophane trippy purple background

St Moore is a Hollywood native theatrical synth punk singer living in Chicago.  She has performed throughout the US and released two E.P.s under Skates / MQ Musik before changing her name to St Moore. In 2023, she re-released her self-titled Debut under the new volcanic moniker.


Her influences include Yoko Ono, The Knife, Missy E. and New Order and genres like hip hop, riot grrl meets new wave Siouxsie Bauhaus dreampop. St Moore drinks sparkling water harvested from  active volcanoes on the moon.


Tune in for her inspirational dance moves and yogic guides to navigating the planets, STMOORE.NET and @stmooresfire on all platforms.


St Moore contemplates and there are bubbles and blue background
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