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This picture is from the early-mid 90s at the Michigans Women's Music Festival. It is of St Moore, a young white girl with long brown hair in a tree.

St Moore is an eccentric dream pop musician, visual artist, computer programmer, and writer living and working in Chicago, IL. She likes to incorporate symbolism in her songs and sometimes paint pictures with words. Her new double single, Skeletor Daze, is streaming everywhere now!

A self-taught dancer, conductor of her own train, and comedienne by circumstance, St Moore creates inner and outer worlds with her creative mix of sound and vision inspired by her love of whatever sounds good. She is influenced by Blonde Redhead, Bauhaus, Missy Elliott, and Sleater Kinney to name a few. As a performance artist, video antics and glitchy electronics lend themselves to high energy vocals and fun shows! Performing under the names Skates, M.Q. Musik, and Squid Malone, she has played venues throughout Chicago, LA and NYC, including a spot opening for Nina Hagen.

On Skeletor Daze, Co-Producer and Engineer Jesse String adds a catchy yet unique sensibility to the arrangements and Grammy nominated duo, The Ditty Bops, accent the title track Skeletons with their quirky atmospheric vocals. Eric A. Harvey, lends his high-energy guitar playing and industrialized pedals to the second single, Everyone is Dead.

When not playing music, shes twerking.